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Did you know you could receive FREE CHILDCARE from the term following your child's 3rd Birthday?

Please contact us for further details. When telephoning, please mention our website.

Our Philosophy

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•Aims of The Honey Pot Day Nursery


•To offer the very best in Quality Day Care within a happy safe and stimulating environment.


•To provide equal opportunities in all areas.


•To make available a wide range of materials, toys and learning equipment for the children at the appropriate stage to form planned progression.


•To encourage the children's natural curiosity by helping them to find solutions with their own experiences.


•To develop the children's knowledge, ability and skills to give a sound foundation and start for the National Curriculum.


•To provide a varied well balanced diet.


•To treat each child as an individual.


•To encourage each child's confidence and independence.


•To encourage recognition and acceptance of different cultures in a multicultural society.


•To encourage partnership with parents.